Beginner Sewing 4 Lessons

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100 Beginner Sewing 4 Lessons  I(sit & sew)
Classroom machines used--no need to bring your machine.
This class is for absolute beginner sew-ers as well as the person who wants to get back into sewing and start from the beginning. We will start with how to accurately measure and cut a pattern to size as well as the basics of using a sewing machine. You will be sewing a pull-over top and a skirt in just 4 lessons. Most sewing will be done in class but it is necessary to have a machine at home to complete homework. If you do not have a machine, we have rentals available or you may choose to purchase a reasonably priced entry level machine. Fabrics and supplies will be purchased DURING the first lesson. If you would like an estimate of what you might spend, please ask. The book we use during class will be available upon arrival at your first class.
This series is very exciting and is suitable even for interested teens but we must insist that Mom  attend the class with the teen (13 and 14). It is very much to your advantage because it is a great bonding time that will be shared for the rest of your lives. (Two registrations). Please see Teens section of schedule for more information.
It is very important not to miss the first lesson  because all of the basics of measuring and cutting are taught. Lesson two covers the basics of using your sewing machine for seams as you be sewing your neckline and shoulder seams. Some classes may be made up whenever there is another class in the same week.

Supply List: 

Supplies will be purchased during a class break with the help of an instructor.  We feel it is important that you choose the right fabric that will give a beginner the finished results that you are looking for.  You will be given a list of supplies that you may choose from—some you may already have at home.  The total cost of the class depends on the garment you are making (long skirt, short skirt etc) as well as the supplies you need.  A good pair of scissors is important.  You will also be choosing your patterns.    Machines will be supplied.